• Acorn Calf – Beef  (25Kg)
  • Acorn Sheep  (25Kg)
  • Acorn Multi-Trace Pre Calver  (25kg)
  • Acorn Hi-Phos  (25kg)
  • Acorn Maize/Beet Balancer  (25kg)


Mineral Deficiencies

Mineral deficiencies occur on soils in Ireland due to

  • Inappropriate fertiliser and lime usage
  • Adverse weather conditions, wet, cold, drought, etc.
  • Soil compacting and water logging

Effects on the Animal

Many problems are related to deficiencies from minor health problems to deaths, depending on the severity of the deficiency.

Related Problems with Dry Cows

  • Dead or weak calves
  • Milk Fever
  • Retained placenta
  • Slow or difficult calvings

Related Problems with Lactating Cows

  • Silent Heaths
  • Poor conception
  • Lameness
  • Grass tetany
  • Embryonic loss (cows bulling 3 months after service)

Solving the Problems

BLF Nutrition Pre-Calving and Fertility Minerals are made to balance the deficiencies and excesses on Irish farms and are manufactured to suit individual requirements. These minerals accompanied with good farming practices will balance the nutritional deficiencies on farms.

Ruminant pH Neutraliser

Ruminant pH Neutraliser is essential for animals to regulate metabolism and assist in nutrients absorption. Ruminant Ph Neutraliser contains live Yeast, Sodium Bicarbonate and ruminant stabilisers to enhance digestibility and improve overall animal health.

Grass and Silage Analysis Service

BLF Nutrition provide a complete analytical service. We test your silage, and manufacture a mineral to suit your requirements.

BLF Nutrition Extensive Product Range


  • BLF Calf/Beef Bucket  (20kg)
  • BLF Beef + Yeast Bucket  (20kg)
  • BLF Hi-Mag Bucket  (20kg)
  • BLF Pre/Post Calver Bucket  (20kg)
  • BLF Fertility Bucket  (20kg)
  • BLF Fertility Bucket + Garlic (20kg)
  • BLF Sheep Bucket  (20kg)
  • BLF Sheep Bucket + Soya  (20kg)
  • BLF Ewe+Lamb Lameness Bucket  (20kg)
  • BLF Ewe+Lamb Hi-Energy Feed Bucket  (20kg)
  • BLF Horse + Seaweed Bucket  (14kg)


  • BLF Cattle Mineral  (25kg)
  • BLF Maize/Beet Balancer  (25kg)
  • BLF Fertility Mineral  (25kg)
  • BLF Pre Calver  (25kg)
  • PH Neutraliser  (25kg)
  • Sweet Cal Mag  (25kg)
  • BLF Sheep + DeOderase  (25kg)

Cattle Salt Licks, Himalayan Salt Licks are also available.