Beef Feeds

Here at Gardiner Grain, we supply an extensive range of beef feeds, which have been specifically formulated to deliver the very best live-weight gains and carcass grade. We work closely with local beef farmers to ensure that they optimise the performance of their beef enterprise. Our own brand Avoca range of beef rations and balancers include the highest quality protein and energy sources as well as guaranteed high inclusions of locally grown cereals which are formulated and blended to deliver excellent results.

Beef Rations:

Please see a selection of our beef rations below:

Avoca Hi-Grain No. 2 Blend

Formulated to 14% protein and with barley, beet pulp and flake maize constituting 60% of its formulation, this high energy beef ration has been one of our most popular rations over the years. It has proven itself time and time again on-farm to deliver excellent results. No minerals are added making it an ideal ration for mixed drystock farmers, as it is equally suitable for both cattle and sheep.

Avoca Hi-Energy Bull

Our top of the range feedstuff designed for feeding at high levels to finishing cattle of all breeds, both bulls and heifers, and also cull cows. In terms of the formulation, nothing is spared in this feedstuff, with barley, beet pulp and maize constituting an impressive portion of this ration. It is designed to deliver high growth rates along with top class conformation in your most valuable animals. The inclusion of a top quality mineral package including the live yeast, Yea-sacc, makes it ideal for ad-lib feeding.

Avoca Superthrive

Superthrive is a 16% ration best suited as a feed for weanlings over six months of age and growing store cattle on grass silage or grass. Like the High Energy bull ration, Avoca Superthrive will provide impressive growth rates and premium condition for your animals. Inclusion of a high specification mineral package promotes healthy growth in weanlings and growing cattle.

Avoca Balancer 20%

Specially designed to complement farm stored cereals, this ration combined with rolled barley at 60:40 ratio makes up a premium quality 14% mix. Minerals are included at twice the normal rate to ensure sufficient levels in the final mix.

Avoca Maize/Beet Balancer

Although high in energy maize and beet need to be balanced for protein, minerals, vitamins and fibre. Our balancers have high levels of digestible fibre, and specific mineral packages depending on the forage being supplemented. Yea-sacc can also be added if necessary, depending on feeding levels.


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Beef Nuts

Here at Gardiner Grain, we offer you a greater choice in specialist animal nutrition products. We stock a number of beef nuts from Brett Brothers, who use native grain and quality ingredients combined with the latest research and technology to ensure every customer receives first class dairy feeds. Each product is tailored for optimum performance on farm, and the wide range of products provides customers with the flexibility to adapt to any scenario.

Bretts Euro Beef Cubes 15%

This beef nut contains a high level of native cereals combined with carefully chosen protein ingredients. The inclusion of rumen buffers stabilise the rumen pH thus reducing the risk of acidosis and associated lameness. Very versatile and is suitable for weanlings, store cattle and finishing beef animals. Suitable for ad-libitum feeding.

Bretts Surethrive 16%

Surethrive Beef is formulated specifically for rearing young stock and store cattle. This cube nut contains native cereals and good sources of protein that promote growth in young stock. It is suitable for feeding to all dairy and beef stock from 6 months of age and is an ideal feed for weanlings.


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