Calf Rations

In order to achieve a successful calf rearing programme, it is critical to focus on the quality and management of the calf in early life, particularly in the first six weeks. At Gardiner Grain, we offer you a greater choice in specialist calf feed products. Our own brand Avoca range of calf feeds have been specifically formulated and blended to optimise early calf health and development and them up for long-life performance. Our calf starter rations include the highest quality protein and energy sources as well as guaranteed high inclusions of locally grown cereals which are formulated and blended to deliver excellent results. Please see a selection of our calf starter rations below:

Avoca Calf Ration 20%

Extremely palatable coarse calf starter, to encourage maximum intake at a young age. Quality protein sources and highly digestible energy sources, along with fibre are offered in this ration to promote rumen development. Suitable from birth through to weaning, this ration ensures highest possible growth rates at the time when feed conversion ratios are most efficient. Feeding Avoca calf ration will ensure that your calves get off to the best possible start in life, and set them up for reaching their appropriate target weights on-schedule, be that for calving replacement heifers at 24 months or rearing of bull calves for intensive finishing.

Avoca Calf Follow-On 16%

This ration is suitable for calves from one week after weaning. With a high level of good quality energy sources, such as barley, beet pulp and maize, and with protein in the form of distillers and soya, this ration will continue on the high growth rates started with Avoca calf ration 20%, ensuring your replacements meet their target weights.


Calf Milk Replacer

In addition to calf starter rations, we also stock high quality calf milk replacers from leading brands.

Milkivit Lacto

Milkivit Lacto is a high-fat, 22% protein calf milk replacer which mixes easily and is suited to bucket feeding systems and all automatic feeders. Manufactured by Trouw Nutrition, it contains 68% carefully selected milk solids with maximum nutritional value and 17% balanced blend of vegetable fats and oils, homegenised and emulsified for maximum digestibility. To learn more about Milkivit, click here. 


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Calf Nuts

Bretts Calf Rearer 16%

A high energy, 16% calf rearer cube to be fed when calves are eating a minimum of 1 kg of concentrates. Promotes optimum daily gain and ideal for feeding at grass, especially suited to rearing of replacement dairy heifers at grass or rearing of male animals for intensive finishing. High in native cereals and balanced with quality
protein sources such as soya.

Contains high levels of calcium and phosphorus to promote bone and skeletal development.


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