Mineral Supplements 

At Gardiner Grain, we provide a range of mineral supplements in bag and bucket form which have been formulated to maximise livestock health and performance and reduce the risk of mineral deficiencies. Problems associated with mineral deficiencies include milk fever, retained placentas, slow and difficult calvings, grass tetany and much more.

Please see below our range of mineral supplements from leading brands, BLF and Acorn.  These mineral supplements accompanied with good farming practices will balance the nutritional disorders on farms.


BLF Mineral Range


  • BLF Calf/Beef Bucket  (20kg)
  • BLF Beef + Yeast Bucket  (20kg)
  • BLF Hi-Mag Bucket  (20kg)
  • BLF Pre/Post Calver Bucket  (20kg)
  • BLF Fertility Bucket  (20kg)
  • BLF Fertility Bucket + Garlic (20kg)
  • BLF Sheep Bucket  (20kg)
  • BLF Sheep Bucket + Soya  (20kg)
  • BLF Ewe+Lamb Lameness Bucket  (20kg)
  • BLF Ewe+Lamb Hi-Energy Feed Bucket  (20kg)
  • BLF Horse + Seaweed Bucket  (14kg)


  • BLF Cattle Mineral  (25kg)
  • BLF Maize/Beet Balancer  (25kg)
  • BLF Fertility Mineral  (25kg)
  • BLF Pre Calver  (25kg)
  • PH Neutraliser  (25kg)
  • Sweet Cal Mag  (25kg)
  • BLF Sheep + DeOderase  (25kg)

Cattle Salt Licks and Himalayan Salt Licks are also available. Learn more about the BLF Mineral Supplements range here.

Acorn Mineral Range


  • Acorn Calf – Beef  (25Kg)
  • Acorn Sheep  (25Kg)
  • Acorn Multi-Trace Pre Calver  (25kg)
  • Acorn Hi-Phos  (25kg)
  • Acorn Maize/Beet Balancer  (25kg)



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