Sheep Feeds 

Here at Gardiner Grain, we provide an extensive range of sheep feeds which have been specifically formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of ewes and lambs at the various stages of production. Our own brand Avoca feedstuffs only include the highest quality protein and energy sources to ensure optimum animal performance. They also have guaranteed high inclusions of locally grown cereals which are formulated and blended to deliver excellent results.

Sheep Rations:

Please see a selection of our sheep rations below:

Avoca Milking Ewe

A high energy feed for pregnant and milking ewes. Ensures good ewe condition while supporting milk yield and quality, and therefore promoting top lamb growth rates. This high energy feed is complemented with good quality protein sources such as soya, wheat distillers and beans.

Avoca Hi-Grain No.2 Blend

Formulated to 14% protein and with barley and beet pulp constituting 60% of its formulation, this is a high energy feedstuff and has been our most popular ration over the years. No minerals are added, making it an ideal ration for mixed drystock farmers,

Avoca Lamb Creep

An extremely palatable feed to promote intake for young lambs. It is an ideal ration for the support of early growth, with a crude protein level of 18%. A specialist top quality mineral package acts as an aid to reduce the risk of urinary calculi, making it suitable for pedigree rams to be used for breeding.

Avoca Hogget Finisher

A high energy feed recommended for intensive finishing of older lambs and hoggets. It has a very high level of native cereals, balanced with digestible fibre sources to prevent acidosis when fed ad lib. Delivers high daily live-weight gains and excellent carcass conformation.

Sheep Balancers

We also have a wide range of sheep balancers available in store.


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Sheep Nuts

Here at Gardiner Grain, we offer you a greater choice in specialist sheep feed products. We stock a number of sheep nuts from Brett Brothers, who use native grain and quality ingredients combined with the latest research and technology to ensure every customer receives first class sheep feeds. Each product is tailored for optimum performance on farm, and the wide range of products provides customers with the flexibility to adapt to any scenario.

Brett Brothers

  • Bretts Sheep Finisher Cube 15%
  • Bretts Supreme Ewe & Lamb 18%
  • Bretts Lamb Finisher 17%

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