At Gardiner Grain, we stock a complete range of quality fertilisers from Target Fertiliser for both livestock and tillage farms. Target Fertiliser only source the highest quality raw materials from around the world to manufacture a uniform and consistent fertiliser blend here in Ireland. In 2011, they launched the Target Xtra and Target Plus range of fertilisers which have additional coating agents to give a more consistent and suitable fertiliser for spreading up to 24m. Their core strength is the development and production of new innovative fertiliser blends tailored to particular soil types, farm enterprises and the needs of individual farmers for every season. All Target Fertilisers are granular and meet strict quality controls on chemical analysis, moisture content, granule size, granule hardness and granule density.

We offer fertiliser in 50kgs and 500kgs and we also offer a bulk spreading service to all our customers. Call your local Gardiner Grain branch for more details.