Please see below our list of seed varieties available:

Barley – Winter & Spring
Wheat – Winter & Spring
Oats – Winter & Spring
The most recent seed recommendations from the Irish Department of Agriculture for Barley, Wheat and Oats are:

Spring Cereal Recommended Lists 2020 (pdf 746Kb)  
Winter Cereal Recommended Lists 2020 (pdf 500Kb)

Grass Seed
We stock a range of top quality grass seed mixtures from Germinal Ireland, which include the highest performing varieties from the Irish Recommended List and Pasture Profit Index.
To choose a suitable grass seed mixture, download Germinal’s Product Catalogue 2020 or click here for more information.View the most recent grass seed recommendations from the Irish Recommended List and Pasture Profit Index:
Grass and White Clover Varieties Irish Recommended List 2020 (pdf 1,177Kb)

Forage Crops
At Gardiner Grain, we provide a wide range of forage crops, which are a viable option for producing rapid bulk and stretching silage.

Catch Crops 
Catch crops are an essential component of every sustainable farm and are a viable option to help improve soil health, prevent soil erosion and reduce pest cycles.

Need help or advice?

Contact our crop agonomist, Kevin Gardiner on 086-2988258 or your local Gardiner Grain branch.