Wild Bird Care

At Gardiner Grain, we retail our own range of wild bird feed and feeders under the “Mad About” brand name. Check out our product offering below:

Wild Bird Feed

Peanuts– A classic feed for garden birds as it is eaten by most species of bird. This high energy food is ideal for both ground and tree feeding. Peanuts contain essential nutritional value such as

  • 45% Fat
  • 24% Protein
  • Vitamins A,E
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus.

Wild bird seed– This varied and balanced food blend contains only premium quality ingredients that attracts a wide variety of birds like the coal tit, robin, house sparrow and finches. If you feed in the summer you can help the weakest birds survive. You can use this mixture on the ground as well as in a feeder.

Composition: Wheat, Broken Corn, Small strips of Sunflower Seeds, Milo Corn, Grains broken Finally.

Nyger seed– Nyger seed is not naturally found in Ireland therefore can bring some new and rare species of bird to your garden. A type of oilseed, Nyger is a popular birdseed because it is an exceptional energy source for backyard birds. The basic nutritional components of Nyger are:

  • 35% Fat
  • 18% Protein
  • 18% Fibre
  • 12% Moisture

Bird Feeder

Under our Mad About Range, we also supply our very own Premium Wild Bird Feeder. It is a sleek, contemporary, robust feeder featuring an easy opening lid and a removable base for easy cleaning. It also has an angled base to ensure the seed flows to the feeding ports.

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